Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wk 13

My Malets exam :I never wanted to give such a performance to jim..I could not answer some really basic questions.At first he asked me to play "Take the A train" - i couldnt play the melody,i played the chord changes, were they right, may be..he asked me to play "straight no chaser" - i stoped 3 times stil couldnt play the run which connects the head.Well, i played the chord changes..Then he asked me few questions about modes, which i answered then all right..he asked me few other analysis questions some of them were right and the others were just guesses..i wasnt sure about the mode which fits with f#-7b9..Whats the difference between 8 note dominant and atlered sclale, i was just guessing, he knew it, he didnt asked me anything else, he said "you are done, you may go....."