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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Graduation Day, 13Dec'07

End of year concert

Ear Poke 2007 : EMU end of year concert
For me probably end of uni concert.. What went wrong.. ??? The sound guy knew everything he was doing.. !! I wonder why did he put me first to the stage mixing desk and then to the main mixing desk.When I had nothing to do with stage, my setup was at the side of it. For what i think , the levels on the stage mixer were totally down, it was only the bleed which was coming through,,thanks to the age of our Studio 5 mixer.. While i was pushing the levels up from my mixer in the performance, the only thing got raised was distortion.. I dont intented to be a noise artist,however i think alot of times i have fallen into those categories.. Thanks to supercollider and my feedback engine patch, as Moira calls it " Force Field of Sound"..
I have the recording but the audio is crappy, since it was recorded from the video camera's inbuilt microphone..I dont think the concert was recorded.. Did it ?

Emu jam : This was interesting but I did not feel any bond .. I could not even hear anything as soon as I started playing.. I had no monitors, because of the laziness of some organisers. They didnt wanted to move the drum monitor from the stage. I wonder why do they do that, is it lack of understanding that its important to listen or is it a kind of unthoughtful power game or just ignorance. When I ask somehting there is a reason behind it, I am not asking it to complicate the setup. Whats complicate anyway, something which one does not understand, once you know it , its all cool.. Its very easy to sit down infront of a computer in a performace and do a playback piece or rather use another performer to play in automated settings. wonder what did you do, smiled, waived and went away...
Anyway there is a life beyond uni and I am going to start that now. Thanks to everyone for their love and support, knowledge and wisdom , memories and great times..I will always remember you all. Take care and good luck for everything you guys do..