Saturday, May 13, 2006

Week 7..

Listening : The objective of this week was to contrast electronic with acoustic and modernist with minimalist. The outcomes include hearing graph music interpreted electronically with Xenakis, experimental bottleneck guitar and a famous minimalist piece.

1. Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001 )
Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromede 1989
Perspectives of New Music PNM 28

2.Gabriele Manca
In Flagranti 1990 performed by Geoffrey Morris
ABC Classics 465 701-2

3. Philip Glass
Rubric : performed by The Phil Glass Ensemble
CBS MK 39539
Another interesting link,_Philip/Pictures/

Seb Tomczak (honours student)
The use of non musical elements in composition, largely via music technology. The presentation focused on the milkcrate project, where rules limiting materials, space, time and productivity control the music making process.

Creative Computing :
Send and receive objects; message management; patcher object, custom objects and encapsulaton; arguments.
Task: Tutorials 24 - 29 in Max Tutorials and Topics

Audio Arts : Anzac Day celebration

Science Of Music : "Uncertainity Principle" , John Cage Lectures 1-6
Media Students shoots us as we get ready for field trip.
Trip to
anechoic and reveration acoustic test chambers

The second half of the class was dedicated to Matthew Sorell,lecturer of mathematics University Of Adelaide.He presents the ideas and probabilities used in bell ringing.A trip to the cathedral is scheduled for next week where we see bell ringers practise session.

The same day I meet S W Satyandra , sitar player from bombay who is currently in Adelaide as a tourist.An intersting jam on sitar and dhup but i missed the 'tihai" he played at the ending.It was a "chakardhar" tihai which I heard after a long time. He played the same thing again and this time we finished together..
I remember playing some Indian spritual songs with rinku but this was the first time I had to play them in a concert.In a way it was really funny playing "Govind Bolo Kabhi Gopal Bolo" but then I just got indulged with its groove and just forgot where and whom I was playing for.
He has given me 4 more dates to play and one of them is at Osho Ashram in Adelaide on 6 may'06.So be there if u live in adelaide..

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