Monday, June 12, 2006

Week 12

Why do we play music : If you are an African there is no such thing as "art music". Music is a part of everyday life.Every ceremony and religious activity is complimented by music,to an extent that if drummers are not present the ceremony would not take place..If you are an Indian, u wont have your first meal before you sing a small prayer in your private temple..If you are none of that you still want music to be the most imortant thing in your life.

Test: How much Is music Important to you ??
ght a candle..
ut your hand on the flame..
start counting till 10..(bpm = 6000 ms)
Start questioning your self ..
Is my max patch working ?

Have I done my blog ?
Is my mix peaking ?
Can I play 1 4 7 3 6 2 5 1 in all 12 keys ?

I f you answered all of that,in no time you will be a legend..
If not, you will feel that nothing in this world is more important than the last breath you just took...

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