Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Audio Arts :Multi Micing (2)

Recording in 5.1 Surround Sound
:The best known spaced-mic arrangement is probably the so-called 'Decca Tree' using three large-diaphragm
omnidirectional mics arranged at the ends of an inverted T, typically measuring roughly two metres across and 1.5 metres deep. However, there are many alternatives and variations including the Faulkner Array and binaural techniques such as the Jecklin Disc
*Faulkner Array belongs with the spaced array stereophonic recording systems, where only the time of arrival difference is involved in the distribution of phantom sources across the loudspeaker base-line.
*A Jecklin Disk is a sound-absorbing disk placed between two microphones to create an acoustic "shadow" from one microphone to the other. Always, a matching pair of omnidirectional microphones are used.

The Ambisonics approach is equivalent to the stereo coincident system, and a spaced surround array is the equivalent of the Decca Tree.

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