Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Week 1

Creative Computing : Splice and Dice(1)

BBCut Library : This is a collection of SuperCollider UGens, classes and patches for automated event analysis, beat induction and algorithmic audio splicing. It is released as public open source under the GNU General Public License, Copyright (C) 2001 Nick M.Collins.
Nick Collins is a London-based composer, computer music researcher and laptop performer. My first encounter with nick was at ACMC'06 at Jade Monkey during Klipp Av's performance.

BBCut2 and associated BBCut classes and methods including :

* BBCutBuffer : Represents a Buffer with some BBCut specific refinements, holds data on a buffer including any segmentation (event positions). Derived from the Buffer class and has methods for choosing playback segments.
+ new(filename, beatlength, eventlist)
+ array(filenames, beatlengths, eventlists)

* CutStream1 : cut up a stream, via an intermediary buffer that holds the most recent cut for repeating.The stream can be any bus on the Server, so might be a file streamed off disk, a current audio input or some synthesised data.
+ new(inbus, bufnum, dutycycle, atkprop, relprop, curve)

CutBuf1 :Playback for a buffer, using a single fixed PlayBuf UGen with jump in playback position, but no enveloping.
+ new(bbcutbuf, offset)

CutMixer : The CutMixer organises the final output from a given rendering CutGroup. It control final rendering bus, master volume, and ampfunc and panfunc parameters of cuts.
+, volume, ampfunc, panfunc)

*sound examples coming soon


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