Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Week 1 Robin Minard

First week back to uni , I was told there is a guest lecturer coming to talk about his work..I could feel the way he started, the calmness in his voice.He is Robin Minard, sound Installation artist born in 1953 in Montreal,Canada.
All the things he talked about in that hour were really impressive.I really liked the composition he played for Vibraphone and tape delay.First thing which really stricked me is the idea of complimenting the space , in this case with an installation.The idea is not to have the music heard by itself but the music becomes part of the environment as a living organism.It does not demand any attention rather becomes another life.Like the growth bend towards light or leaves grow towards sunlight,in one of his work the speakers were placed in a way which looked as if they were searching for light.A lot of his work evokes impression of natural growth and organic life.Another thing he talked about was the way his work could become organic is when it reacts with temperature,humidy and light.He also talked about the architectural way of looking at things i.e how the perception of place changes in day light and in the night.
Silent Music is a sound installation designed for public environments or art gallery spaces in which the public is free to move about.. The loudspeakers and its attached wires form plant-like structures, placed within the space to suggest either their seeking of light or their preference for lighted areas.

Audio Arts: This was David Grice introduction class.David is our new Audio Arts lecturer.He started with telling us about his background as a sound engenier and then he started asking us about our taste of music and what instrument do we play.Its nice to have him as he has got some thing more than just "bookwledge".By this time we decided to enter studio 1 where he was checking up if we could set up a protools session or not.It was disappointing becuase after all this time I was learning to setup a prootool stereo session in audio arts but thats allright, it was David who was new to EMU and wanted to start from scratch.

Creative Computing: Introduction to Max/Msp

Top down / bottom up; passenger versus driver; problem solving; level of granular control.

"Shivna kaun" Performs at Adelaide Fringe'06 -- Fresh Bait 27 February'06


Sunday : 5 March'06 : Gigs with Seeing Orbo
2pm : Port Adelaide-- Adelaide Fringe'06
: Fringe Club --Higher rounds, Rundle St ..

Max Lorenzin : Voice, guitars
Declan Lorenzin : Voice,flutes,reeds
Vinny Bhagat : Percussions


Minard,Robin. 2006. Presentation by Robin Minard. University of Adelaide, 2 March. 19 may'06

Grice, David. 2006. Practical on Session Managment in Pro Tools. University of Adelaide, 28 February.

Haines, Christian. 2006. Practical on Max/Msp Introduction. University of Adelaide, 2 March.

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