Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Week 2...

Pat Metheny Trio : Wednesday 8 March'06 :
Pat Metheny : Guitar ,Voice
Christian McBride (bass)
Antonio Sanchez (drums).
A concert of my life.This was second best concert I have ever seen in my life, after Billy Cobham and Jean-Luc Ponty in Delhi which i saw about 3-4 yeras back..
Kym bought me the ticket as a christmas present.Isn't he amazing..Thanks kym..

Warren Burt : Australian Composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music. His current research in composition includes random processes, artificial intelligence, improvisation, and interactive systems.
"My work is idea driven, not style driven. I compose out of a sense of curiosity and awareness ... to explore sounds and concepts and their effect"

I loved what he did with text.He was playing with words that slowly start to overlap each other, forming into a 'piece of art'.I tried this same idea in photoshop.I started with text saying 'Im a musician' all over the canvas, gave it a background and then applied few filters to it.This is what I came up with..(please see left image)
At first I thought the words are being displayed as what he is speaking on microphone,but they were pre fed in the compuer.It would be interesting if computer gets words from microphone rather than typing it from the keyboard..Its possible..I have to look into that..

Audio Arts: Session management

Planning has been a vital tool in successful completion of any work. Likewise there are some important steps you have to take before you undergo a recording session. Don’t forget your basic responsibility is to take out the best of the creative talents of the musicians you are going to record without wasting their time and money. Before you even call the musicians in the studio you should be aware of the elements like genre of music, number of tracks to be recorded, instruments to be used in each track, order of tracks, any reference sound they have in mind like they might want to sound specifically like some one and any other information you think would be useful. Give them a friendly-clean atmosphere with a smooth functioning of your equipment. Remember any delay and wait you are going to give would result in a drop of the result you are trying to achieve. Once everything has been setup always follow your standard order of numbering of tracks on the patch bay and on the protools session window. Label each track with as much information you can provide Use the comment window to specify microphone used and any other specifications needed.

Creative computing: Introduction to Max/Msp

Setup : Overview : Menus : Objects : Externals

Weekly Gig Guide :

Shivna kaun : Monday 6 March'06 -- Adelaide Fringe'06 -- Fresh Bait 2nd Concert @ Fowler's Live..
Seeing Orbo : Friday, 10 March'06 -- Fringe Club, Higher Grounds @ 9Pm


Grice, David. 2006. Practical on Session Managment in Pro Tools. University of Adelaide, 28 February.

Haines, Christian. 2006. Practical on Max/Msp Introduction. University of Adelaide, 2 March.

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