Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Torque - Game engine

The Torque Game Engine was originally developed by Dynamix for Tribes 2.
Core Features.

* Full C++ source code to the engine
* C++ like syntax

TOOL Generator
* Mesh exporters for Maya, 3D Studio Max, LightWave, Blender
* Uses UDP and TCP for networking
* Uses optimal Notified Delivery Protocol


* Multi-channel prioritized SFX manager
* 3D sound support; panning, volume, Doppler, cones
* OpenAL
Torque, uses OpenAL—an open-source audio API(Application Programmer's Interface).
Audio Profiles and Datablocks
Torque uses the concept of datablocks and profiles to help define and organize resources
for use in the game.

Audio datablocks are defined using the keyword AudioDescription when they are defined.
Here is an example of an audio datablock:
new AudioDescription(AudioTest)
volume = 1.0;
isLooping= false;
is3D = false;
type = 0;

Example for creating a profile:

new AudioProfile(AudioTestProfile)
filename = "~/data/sound/test.wav";
description = "AudioTest";

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