Saturday, August 19, 2006

Week 4

Film Design :

Key concepts covered in class

16mm -- Old skool Sound Production in film ( 1 mono optical track ,crapy than tape),low dynamic range,tape hiss
35mm - Stereo optical track
Dolby mix - dynamic range,surround
Cinema -- 120 dB dynamic range

Various type of music releases ;
cinema release, 5.1,stereo,television mix(very reduced),
Music and Fx release for foreign languages
Dialogue,music and Fx mix for promotional usage
mobile phone mix - mono mix, low quality playback device
Always Know the end product or medium of sound reproduction.There is no point spending time on panning if the end result is played as mono.Like wise spend as much possible time in the post production when you know you have the best sounding 11.1 setup for playback.

Dynamic Range
Frequency Response
No Of Channels
Listening Enviornment

Main Areas of Film Design


Always keep everything in seperate tracks with sub groups of individual items.It isjust like organising anything.Disciplined Organization would simply make your work easier and faster.

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