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Creative Computing : Synthesisers and Definations(2)

Code : My code had got some serious errors.. I am working on it..Will update it very soon..

Understanding the arguments in Sine wave Oscillator, phase, mul, add)

freq = The frequency of the oscillator. The default is 440hertz.

phase = the offset time position where the wave hits a zero crossing. The default is 0,which means the wave starts immediately

mul (multiplication) = think of this argument as the Amplitude or Volume of the wave. The default is 1.The scale or range of the interpolation (whether the wave goes from -0.5 to +0.5, or -30 to +30)

add = The frequency position from which the wave oscillates. (used mainly for Control Rate oscillation).
"It is useful when you require the oscillator to interpolate between specific values. The default add value is zero, because an audio rate oscillation moves from -1 to +1. By changing the add value to 5,the wave would oscillate between 4 and 6 if the 'mul' value remained the default of 1".

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Audio Arts :
First lesson after the break and I was 10mins late, sorry david I missed my tram cause it came a minute early(very annoying).When i reached , all the microphone placements had been done.We were recording one of the ensembles from the jazz department.I learned how to communicate from the recording space into the studio when there is no listening microphone and talk back facility.The rule is to be very informative through hand movements.However I suggest you setup the talk back facility in order to be absolutely explicit,restricting any possible frustration.I also suggest to get absolutely familiar with newer version of protools.Visit this link for an overview of updates for protools LE 7.3.x

Due to the time strains with studio bookings, my timings, band members availability I could not record another ensemble.However I am using the same recording and here is a rough mix of 'Perdido"by Monk played by "The Quintet of j0hn n j0sh"

Forum : Gender in Music Technology
I hate the words "male domain" or "feminism" which was repeated several times in that 1+ hour..Personally I hate dividing people into categories,now if that is culture , language , country or SEX, it does not matter.We all are one,children of one and the continuation of one.
One of the stratagies of few ruthless people is to 'divide and conquer', a big reason why India was ruled by the same people.I really dont like to write for people to read, cause I dont like to hurt anyone, anyway now I am doing it .
Look at this cable , its a male-male s-video cable..Look at it nicely, what does it say to you..?
Stephen started the forum with his thoughts about how big the issue is in the industry.on the topic..Besides the other things interesting things he said,something which striked me was to know a little more about John Cage .It obviously did not effect what I think about him and his music.I personally can not relate to the emotions of gay men.I think they play with the rules of nature.The science says two similar magnetic poles repel each other and opposites attract. Dont know why are two similar poles trying to charge one another.
Now consider the input - output theory.What will happen if you plug output of protools into output of your amp. You will only hear the world around you.Max/Msp does not even let you do that.It wont give you the option of plugging In in In or out to out.In SuperCollider you can but what will be the result,either No sound or feedback.
But YOu do get gay cablesnow ,like this one.
Why are there less women in the field of (M) Technology.It may vary from one country to another.The way they pursue things,restrictions on women and things which women like to do.For instance I see alot of women from china (and alike) in my Computer Science lecture than from any other country. One of my mates from banglore in India has complained me about not having (p?) women in his IT profession.Shine your light F e m a l eFs on "musIc tEch",what you doing ??
Todays Presenters:
Ben, I am sure you will qualify for a white collar job ,I can see u as a good communicative teacher...With a laptop in front I felt like a man..I really enjoyed it..
Amy convinced me that she loves Music Technology and thats why she is doing it.If she would have said it one less time, I would not have believed her..
Thanks for the videos jake. Message to all the women out there from Jake Morris - "listen to bjork and get inspired".
Why are the best chefs men ?? reply your answers to Douglas Loudon (I know some worst chefs in this planet and they are men.)
I can see its a new area and women are taking there time to get into it. Regardless there are some brilliant composers and performers who are women.
One of the figures in EMU is Poppi.Replacing her presence in the forum was a tiny robotic eLecTro feMale,may be her slave,sonically capturring the whole event..Not just her, Sonia wilkie, Jasmin ward and Silver Moon are more examples of women at EMU, with Amy and Laura starting their carrier.Another inspiring figure is Fleur Green, a great percussionist and a good friend of mine.Her recent collaborations with a theatre company compelled her to buy a laptop & ProTools and compose music for kids theatre.I am not sure how far as she gone, I guess she spends more time practising marimba and other percussions.She will, I am tempting her.
It's quite interesting how individual conditions effect.A lot may depend on the up bringing of a child. Why do girls in their childhood like to play with dolls and boys with cars, for instance.. Or is it just what they are given in their hands ...! They definately get attracted to things which appeal them. Any men out there, attracted to dolls when they were small or now.. ?? get back to me please.. cause I am too,, living dolls..
Is it actually gay for a men to wear pink t shirt, dont know, may be light pink with a white rose..!
Why am i discussing this, because I have been to Mars bar twice..Liz told me its quite a liberal place and plays different music.. Both the times with Bianka and the couple [Darren = Brad].


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