Saturday, May 05, 2007

Week 8

Creative Computing : Buffers
Buffers : Sample, automation, location - a way of storing data, address or a value
Buffering represents the creation of temporary memory space for the purposes of storing information such as data arrays, envelopes, windows and samples - whether for recording or playback. [click here to read more about buffers]

Code : This code is incomplete, I am working on it and will update it very soon

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Audio Arts:
Gating Techniques:A gate mutes a signal whenever its level falls below a
threshold level.During the periods of very low signal or non playing time of a
particlar track in the session, its shuts down,preventing noise or spill in the
track.Most gates have the facility to make the opening and closing of the gate
more gradual.Attack time and release time specifies how quickly the gate opens
and shut..

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