Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 7

Creative Computing : Physical Modelling (2)

Quoting PMPD documentation intro:" These objects provide real-time simulations, specially physical behaviors. pmpd can be used to create natural dynamic systems, like a bouncing ball, string movement, Brownian movement, chaos, fluid dynamics, sand, gravitation, and more. It can also be used to create displacements thus allowing a completely dynamic approach .With pmpd physical dynamics can be modelled without knowing the global equation of the movement. Only the cause of the movement and the involved structure are needed for the simulation. pmpd provides the basic objects for this kind of simulation. Assembling them allows the creation of a very large variety of dynamic systems ."

Sound Examples:

* Haines.Christian."Workshop-7-sem2 conducted on Physical Modelling - PMPD library (physical modelling) created by Cyrille Henry on PureData.Programming with SuperCollider".6 September'2007.Electronic Music Unit.University of Adelaide, South Australia.
* PMPD : Documentation and examples
*Collins.Nick and Olofsson.Fredrick.Tutorials on SuperCollider.Chapter 11.1
* McCartney , James et al . 2007,SuperCollider Inbuilt Help.
* Source Forge,

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