Thursday, September 13, 2007


So far Piezzo seems to be the basis of my instrument. I want to scratch the surface of piezzo with differnt objects like a bow, brush or a hand grinder.Putting it under water and then hitting it on the surface of the glass also gives interesting metallic sounds.Brush and grinder gives quite differnt characterstic to the resultant piezzo's vibrations/sound. Generating complex rhythmic patterns at a very high tempo by touching the surface of piezzo by a grinder fascinates me quite a lot. A easy and interactive way of generating metallic rhythmical patterns.
Further,exploring these ideas I want apply all these techniques and take piezzo as a Line In into the computer and use SuperColliider( or rather use Arduino )to synthesize the incoming signal of the piezzo. So far I have experimented by PitchShifting the incoming signal of the Piezzo or convoluting it with any other sound source.
I need to look more into the Arduino patches and explore them to make interesting sound material.However I am more interested in sticking to SuperCollider since I am in a learning phase of that and spending more time on it will be more benificial for me..( I would need approval to do that).
Breadboarding is interesiting, however its quite fragile and a temporary solution( atleast for me).Old school technology is fine but I find it very time consuming or/and not quite an ideal approach for me to make music with at this stage.There is so much I can do with computers and playing with toys I can leave for the other people to explore.Playing with IC's and resistors is OK but I find it to be kind of pointless at this stage (1) because so far it has not been a priority and I need to spend alot more time (2) Time is very crucial and I have to very sure where am I putting my time..I like electronics and their construction and I do understand it might open up new possibilites for me and thats why I am not rulling it out totally and I will definately be exploring them in the holidays, and hopefully I can use them as part of me instrument ..
I would actually like to have kind of a percussion kit( a basket of few hand constructed objects or miscellinous tools) all hooked up to my computer through line In or a microphone to change their characterstics and timbre by applying various synthesis techniques.
This is a scratch,I will have more ideas as the time goes by in the holidays


(*..*) said...

By selecting, co-ordinating and dominating all noises, we will enrich men with a new and unexpected sensual pleasure. (Luigi Russolo, ‘The Art of Noises’, Lacerba, 1913)

Vinny Bhagat said...

enrich me with those higher sensual pleasures << through learning nasty modulation in SC..
do not * amp with gravity rather excite it..u know what i mean ??