Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mid sem break

What did i do << had to move my house, one of the key problems i have faced in being here as an international student(which was obviously my decision)..Do i need that, wont it be nice to go back home, have a stable place,my own place, a permanent drumkit/percussion setup/piano and my own studio setup and I can spend all my time, without worrying literally about anything.. the answer is I have already spent that time, now I am away fom home, far away and the time for that is over,it wil come bacj though, nt now, however I am in search of another home, is it adeladie, not so far, not in 4 years, how cum now.. {i hate to move * inf;}.println
I did have some great time in the holidays, although not alot of study, alas, I am kicking now babay, dont you worry, I will fly high,I believe can fly, I believe i can touch the sky,tara ra ra ra rara,I want to spead my wings and flyaway.. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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