Thursday, October 26, 2006

Week 12

Game Project:My game project has been quite a learning experience for me and esp working with Marcus Kennedy,a dedicated/creative 3D graphic artist.Although I am still relying on still images,my perception of the game seems to get a little better than before.I would like to have a short animation of the game which familiarises me as how the enviornment will look like.The good news is that my group will have a single level playable demo of the game by the end of this year.
Player character "Vess":
Enemy "Oranju":

{Images copyright @ Emergence Games}

Tuesday was the day for my Foundation for honours presentation on the hot topic "Narrative and Music" -- The art of story telling through music.Everything came out really naturally,I certainly had a lot to say about it and that's why I went 5 mins overtime(that is bad,i forgot to start my stopwatch and obviously then lost the time) .The sound system in Hartley 108a should be now in Adelaide Heritage Musuem ,it is horrible.If given the authority I am quite happy to transport it there.

Creative Computing :Processing (3)
*Comb filtering
*Configuring MSP via the DSP object

Comb filter: Simply a filtering delay line."The comb~ object implements a comb filter, in which a slightly delayed version of a signal is added to itself, causing phase cancellations and a spectrum that looks like a comb". The filter implements the following formula:y[n] = a * x[n] + b * x[n - delay] + c * y[n - delay]

Karplus strong - string/plucked metal sounds

Basics of Granular Synthesis:"The grain is a unit of sonic energy possessing any waveform, and with a typical duration of a few milliseconds, near the threshold of human hearing. It is the continuous control of these small sonic events (which are discerned as one large sonic mass) that gives granular synthesis it's power and flexibility"(1).(Kuehnl, Eric).A basic grain generating device would consist of an envelope generator with a gaussian curve driving a sine oscillator.

Check out Nathan Wolek's site on granulation:

Well nothing seems to change much,besides no on really tries anything.I need to change alot of things in me and around me which would probably help me for the rest of my life.Things have changed or rather I have changed.I know why is that but was anything in my hands.I was helpless but to give my time for work(work other than music) and besides my constant effort of it not affecting me,it has screwed me.I am scared to do that again.The time has gone anyway but I look forward to cover up everything which I have lost in this time.

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