Thursday, October 05, 2006

week 9

Quote of the day : "Music a cultivation of sound through emotion and expression"(1)

Tip of the day:Communication and relationship with the director -- Get in to the head space of the director.Know exactly from the director the emotional side of scene, characters through his creative and imaginative words.Everything possibly which would help you in writing music for his film.
I have been working for one of Tamas Major's film.He has kept everything quite open to me,regarding what I should do with the film but somehow the temp track is pushing me towards this more generic techno pub oriented music.I have given him one version of the sound track but I am realy not happy with my work,I have to write something for it more expressive,which is currently not happening..
Creative Computing: Msp~
More insight into Poly~ object
Additive synthesis : A simple summmative addition of waveforms to make complex tones)
pack:Make numbers or symbols into a list.
Patch for vb.poly : 3 parametric modulations frequency,phase,amplitute.
#P window setfont "Sans Serif" 9.;
#P window linecount 1;
#P comment 98 65 27 196617 amp;
#P comment 64 66 32 196617 phase;
#N out 1;
#P newobj 38 33 196617 out 1;
#P newex 38 138 68 196617 *~ 0.5;
#N in 3;
#P newobj 96 79 25 196617 in 3;
#N in 2;
#P newobj 67 79 25 196617 in 2;
#N in 1;
#P newobj 38 79 25 196617 in 1;
#P newex 38 109 39 196617 cycle~;
#P comment 38 65 25 196617 freq;
#P connect 2 0 1 0;
#P connect 1 0 5 0;
#P connect 5 0 6 0;
#P connect 3 0 1 1;
#P connect 4 0 5 1;
#P window clipboard copycount 9;
Presentation at the Forum: DJ TR!P is an Adelaide based electronic music composer. TR!P works as a disc jockey, a remix artist, workshop tutor and works for numerous major theatre & dance companies around Australia. He studied Music Technology at Flinders School of Music. and as a live performer he has played at major festivals & events nationally & internationally.
Tr!p talks to carclew : "As an artist I explore and distill sonic textures. These sounds reveal an environment clouded by layers of frequencies and definition.I investigate deeper soundscapes, visiting the sublime and then return, audio reaching swallowed ambience to a create a very disturbed electronica. My work narrates fairytales of darkness, and the dirt in which organised noise-fruits thrive!"

(1)Bailey.Jim 2006.Practicals in Jazz Mallets.University of Adelaide.
(2)Haines.Christian.2006.Lecture for Audio Arts: Max/Msp.University of Adelaide

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