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Creative Computing :Busses, Routing and Ordering
The client side representation of an audio or control bus on a server.Manages allocation and deallocation of bus indices.[ read more about busses and routing]

code : This code is incomplete and has got some errors.. I will update it very soon.

Audio Arts: Creative Production (2)

We were supposed to look at AutoTune, a pitch correcting plug-in by Anatares.Unfortunately we don’t have that in the studios,a million-dollar studio without necessary plugins. I am disappointed with myself too that why don’t I own them. I guess I was always working in the uni and confessing that I have spent the money on other things. But now its the right time to get one, I am still double minded about Mbox Pro or Digi 002, which is only $400 more right now.

Auto-Tune works in two modes:
* The Automatic Mode corrects the pitch of a vocal or solo instrument in real time, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all the expression of the original performance.
* The Graphical Mode displays the performance's detected pitch envelope and allows you to draw in the desired pitch using a variety of graphics tools.

Important notes and features:
Auto-Tune does not like double notes or a chord - it only works when sustained a single note.
"A side-effect of using very fast pitch correction is that shallow vibrato is ironed out altogether, while deeper vibrato turns into a trill.
Auto-Tune also has the ability to add delayed vibrato to whatever sound is being
processed, so in theory, you can strip out the vibrato from the original performance and replace it with something far more mechanical and precise".

One function of the hardware version of Auto-Tune is its ability to shift
pitch according to a MIDI input. In theory, this means you can input a MIDI melody and whatever audio input you have fill be forced to fit that melody.
Things to try: It has the ability to make the human voice sing impossible arpeggios or in that case any instrument. How about taking a single-note instrument like the tanpura or didgeridoo and changing its sound to a melodic bass line?
Every thing comes to the conclusion of being as creative you want to be, with just a little precaution.

Task of the week :
Mix of the group (3F+1M : NO VOCALS [Feli.Ban.Georgi] ;
Mix of the group 3F+1M): WITH VOCALS [Bel.Feli.Ban.Georgi].scope

I am hoping to record the vocals seperately in the coming week.There is a lot of spill from the other instruments in the vocal microphone,since it was recorded live in the EMU space along with other cats.As you can hear the mix with vocals sounds quite reverby from the one without vocals and i can hear the room especially when the loud snare hits..I have asked belinda to come and do the vocals seperately over the recording.
I think, bass needs just a little cut off from the bottom end or may be little level down will solve what i am hearing right now.I cant quite trust this room as well(studio 1). I might have a break and come back and listen to it.Why am i worring about the mix with vocals,few things are not under my control.

(1)Grice, David.2007."Tutorials on Audio Arts (3) Semester 1, Week 9.Creative Production(2)." Lecture presented at the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, South Australia, 08/05/2007.
(2) Readings on My Uni.Music Technology(3)2007.
viewed on 13 May'07

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Daniel Murtagh said...

yoooooo! vinsta b in tha hizzle!

i listened to the recording with vox and i hafta say you have done a sweeeet job. in regards to your comments, i don't believe that you have used too much bottom end, if anything i would say you need to add top end to the the drum overheads, in fact probably to the piano also... but hey, i'm trying to cut through a mile of bureaucratic red tape here just to speak to you...

smell ya l8r!!

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