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Creative Computing: Computer Music Programming : Streams (1)

CODE @ Exercise :

(1) A synthDef
(2) A stream playback mechanism that controls different parameters of the synthDef and demonstrates concepts presented in "Streams-Patterns-Events1 - 3.html"
(3) Thoughts and issues on the process with an MP3 result.

This code will crash your computer.I can make it not crash but it still does not sound what I want it to sound..So I have choosen to post the code which will crash the computer.
I still need to understand Streams,patterns and events alot better.I have actually spent more time making the synthDef .
I can see where the things are heading,SuperCollider why didn't you come in my life earlier.. I guess I have the whole life to keep working on it. Thanks christian.

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Audio Arts :Mastering (1)
Mastering is the process of finalizing a recording and preparing it for the final medium on which it will be played back ensuring optimum clarity,balance and consistent levels across the entire recording.In the workshop we looked at the website of Eden Sound Mastering - Australia's first Focusrite Authorised Blue Mastering Suite in melbourne.

How mastering came into existence ?
There were left over inaudible high frequencies on the CD recordings which would give you a headache if exposed over long durations.They are non existent in vinyl's.Hence came mastering.

EQ in mastering is often used to tuck away annoying frequencies and to enhance the frequencies that make the recording special.Through the use of EQ you can shape the final curve of the song so that it has the right amount of bass, midrange and treble. Applying correct amout of compression and limiter with "just the right" amount of attack and release will make the track really special.Remember the settings will vary for each song and style of music.Some songs might just need that subtleness and love whereas another one will need that big size and excitement. It just depends on the genre/style of music/song.
Through the use of “Limiting” in mastering you can put a clamp on the entire mix so that it doesn’t move above a given threshold.This will insure the loudest mix do not goes above the given limit.Another useful point in this weeks readings was use of VU meter as a plugin.It ensures that you are not compressing too hard and helps you in making right decisions with the settings.
I will talk about compression techniques in the next week.There is certainly alot more to compression at mastering stage than just boosting everthing.

Master Mix : Here is a (rough) master of the the group 3F+1M
Previous Mix : Here is the older mix
First Mix : Here is the first mix

I took the final mix in to a new protools session,named it mastering sesssion and applied(from the order of top to bottom)
* 7 band EQ = balancing the frequency ranges which sounded nice to me, a little more gain on the lower range(80Hertz), boosting the mid range for more clarity in vocals. I have cut down 75% gain to the high range(above 12 Kilo Hertz).
* minimax = this was giving a bit of depth in the bottom end.
* limiter = setting the threshold level, i made sure the loudest signal does not peak.
* Compression -I still need to understand more on compression.Whats the right amount of attack and release, whats the relationship with other paramerters,how does the relationship along with other parametres change the sound ? I am confused in terms of completely understnding it,however I played with the knobs and did what sounded good.
*Mc2000Mc4 - I just played with the knobs,I could hear the change it did to the mix. Did I wanted that change ? I am not sure,I have used it very carefully, by just increasing a bit if its output.
Something from this line added noise into the mix.I think its compression or Mc2000Mc4.It was really audible at silent spots.I have to work more on reducing the noise from the mix,otherwise I am sort of happy.

(1)Grice, David.2007."Tutorials on Audio Arts (3) Semester 1, Week 1.Mastering(1)." Lecture presented at the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, South Australia, 22/05/2007.
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Forum :

Memories of forum far apart now.My mind looked somewhat like this picture in those 2 hours. However I rememeber Delany's presentation. Very interesting talk,as much, as the sound examples he played,of people like LustMord, Brien Willaims , Aphix Twin and Robert Rich. Thanks for burning me a Dvd full of Ambient music John, I have not forgotten about burning you some Trilok..

Genre : dArk ambient music
Form : long form timbral variation
characterstic : visual music

John said " feels like I am in a dark forest long from anywhere"..
Stephen said "Continous low level tension without any release"


Whittington.Stephen . “Construction and Deconstruction.” Forum/Workshop presented at EMU space, Level 5 Schulz, Thursday 24' May' 2007.

Delany.John . “Construction and Deconstruction.” Student Presentations. EMU space, Level 5 Schulz building, Thursday 24' May' 2007.

Whitelock.Simon . “Construction and Deconstruction.” Student Presentations. EMU space, Level 5 Schulz building, Thursday 24' May' 2007.

Shea.Nathan . “Construction and Deconstruction.” Student Presentations. EMU space, Level 5 Schulz building, Thursday 24' May' 2007.

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