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Audio Arts: We looked and compared few mixed/unmasterd and masterd tracks in the workshop. Few things to remember :
*/ Mixing with mastering in your mind : It is very important you always mix with mastering in your mind. First of all recording should be of very high standards, secondly never apply hard compression, maximum normalisation and extreme Equalisation to your track at the mixing stage. Be aware of things which can enhanced in mastering stage. These things can never be undone and hence the quality will suffer.*/

Essentials: 4 things important for mastering
1 Ear : Everything depends on the hearing power of engineer who is mastering it. Healthy ear, familiarities with client expectancy with advanced knowledge of what you are doing.
2.Room : Having a balanced room is very important. A good room will always contribute in your ability to hear things properly.
3 Equipment : Equipment you use will make huge difference in the final outcome. Software plugins only give you a starting point nad any professional mastering is always done using industry standard hardware.
4. Speed and efficiency : Be efficient in terms of time, client will want more from you in less time. Basically practice to an extent when you have familiarized all the functions of your gear.

Dragos work : Here is the mastered version for dragos piece.

Plugin Screen shot : If you look at this screen shot,it tells you the stages how sound has been processed. I have used 3 VU metres for analysing the change. First one suggests inequality in left-right channels,the second one shows the result of limiting- setting the threshold level so that the signal never peaks,equalisation and joemeck equaliser: equal balancing between both the channels,cutting down annoying frequencies,enhancing a little bit of bottom end and touching up with Joemeck.In the second slot which is a bus, I have used bombfactory , big bottom and then compression. The last VU meter suggests consistency in level,no peaks through out the track and the track being cleaner and healthier. If you analyse 1st and 3rd VU meters there is not much difference in terms of levels,but there is defintely difference in what we finally hear now. The trouble was any slight increase in gain would result in peaking,so I made sure the signal does not peak through out the track even though I could not get the levels go any higher than this.

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viewed 29May'07

Forum : Whats happening next semester : Improvisations group with a defined appraoch

I must say the idea of student presentations in the forum was a waste of time for me.I think students should be given these oppurtunites in their respective classes.Building their confidence is one thing and punishing other people through this process is another.

Listening Examples :

2.Raga Sihendra madhyam by Dr, C Sardeshmuh

3. Terry Reli and Johny cale (velvet underground) : Improvisations ; church of Anthrax

4.Machine for making senses : Jim Denley, Rok Rue,chris Mann, Stevie Wishart and Amanda Phillips

5. Ross Bolleter : Crow country

6. Sun Ra and this Astro Intergalatic Infinity Arkestra : space is the place

7. Ryoanji - - cage 1985

8. Mr Ban'gal

Comprovisation :

"Free urself from the idea of self disciplane to improvise" : an idea of Sun Ra: contradictory, but u know what it means..

Scratch Orchestra : School time compositions

References :
(1) Whittington.Stephen.Forum. Semester 1, Week 12. Workshop presented at the Electronic Music Unit, University of Adelaide, South Australia, 31/05/2007.

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