Friday, June 01, 2007

A shoulder

I have to write this,last day of week 12. Few more lectures next week but otherwise its all over.. Friday started with me thinking there is no computer science lecure,but there was.For some reason in the back of my mind,I thought its tuesday even though I knew I have classical theory lecture which happpens every friday.Weird..!

Another great lesson with stephen on rhythmic ideas of Steve Reich - Phasing effect,metric modulations and more.. He asked me to clap with him :

Both of us playing in 3,
then he moves to 4 and
then subsequently I have to move in 4 as well.

Me and stephen were not on the same page.First time I changed too quickly and the next time I thought let the rhythm settle a bit and waited too long..So obviously I get zero. Stephen, it was a pleasure doing it with you,only if it would have happened the way you wanted.A very interesting idea and you explained it very clearly .Its also interesting how he points out things I have been practising in the past.

Ok,I check my email now, this time peter has sent me a warning about using studios as studios and not as my private study space.I do have used the space for that,most of the times when no one is there,but sometimes booking it so that I can do some work,an hour before forum and then an hour after that,cause I see christian pretty much every thursday.I totally understand peter,I know you are only doing your work. It did not upset me at all. I knew I was wrong..
Ok,Now the disaster, I check my email again and chris writes to me saying Craig and John Aue cant come on sunday for the recording.My Audio Arts major project and its falling apart. lets see what happens then.Its all improvised music , I have to wait and see whats actually going to happen on sunday,uncertainity at its peak, which happens to me all the time. Even when I am travelling.No wonder why I have missed my flights as well.I was lucky enough to catch my flight from malaysia to Adelaide.The flight was closed,some beautiful women helped me and logged me in..just survived..
Ok, the last disaster, My computer science prac exam and I didnt pass.There was some error in my code and I couldnt find it."Exception in the main thread" while running the main patch,even though the main and the driver class compiled.. I felt so down after that I decided to have crappy McDonalds meal.
Came to EMU kitchen , shared my pain with ben and now I am off for some practise.. I am ok now,have to work very hard to do allright in Comp Sci-fi..
I dont think I am going home, will sleep in the studio,at some stage.

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